A treat for you, a hand for others

At the Cocoa Roast Club, we believe that its really important to do everything we can as a small business to help those in need. It is core to our business model, and we take the commitment as seriously as our commitment to bring you the best coffee & chocolate!

We promise to donate 50p from every single box we send to a selected charity. 

So, you can enjoy your coffee & chocolate knowing you're helping those in need too.

Who are we supporting right now?

We're a family business, with 2 beautiful little boys. We are lucky enough that we can feed them hot meals every day and it is beyond comprehension that the same cannot be said for every child in this country. That's why we're supporting FareShare.org; a wonderful network of food distributing, putting food into the hands of those who need it the most. 

Just £1 can provide up to four meals for a child, so even a small business like ours can make a real difference. 

50p from every single box we ship will be going to FareShare

If you subscribe, or are thinking of subscribing, then we owe a thanks to you, too, for helping to feed those in need.